Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas rejects $15 billion offer in return for disarming

27 July, 20

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh has said that his movement had turned down an offer made about two months ago to provide $15 billion in aid, including infrastructure projects, airport and seaport, for the besieged Gaza Strip, as part of the “deal of the century”. 

In an interview with a Qatari newspaper on Monday, Haniyeh added that the sides that made the offer asked for the disarmament of Palestine resistance and an end to the Palestinians’ right to Jerusalem in return.

Haniyeh reiterated his movement’s rejection to the Trump administration’s plan, and any proposal made in this framework.

The top Hamas official welcomed Qatar’s role to settle intra-Palestinian disputes, stressing that the Gulf nation has good ties with all Palestinian sides and thus can be a fair mediator in reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah. 

The forthcoming US election will have its implications on the Palestinian cause and the “deal of the century,” Haniyeh concluded.