Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas addresses Palestinian cause with Egyptian envoy in Lebanon

28 July, 20

Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmad Abdel Hadi discussed on Monday evening the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause and Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees with Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon Yasser Alawi.

During the meeting in his office in Beirut, Abdel Hadi talked about the annexation plan that the Israeli occupation, backed by the US administration, intends to implement.

Abdel Hadi reiterated the Palestinian rejection, at official and popular levels, of the annexation plan, stressing that the Palestinian people would foil this move through a unified national stance. 

Speaking about Palestinian refugees, Abdel Hadi pointed out to the harsh humanitarian conditions they are experiencing due to Lebanon’s economic crisis in addition to being denied their civil and humanitarian rights.    

Abdel Hadi reaffirmed that Hamas alongside all Palestinian factions are keen to maintain security and stability in Palestinian refugee camps and communities across Lebanon.

The Hamas official hailed Egypt’s support for the Palestinian cause, as well as its efforts to restore unity among Palestinian factions.

The senior Egyptian diplomat, in turn, reaffirmed his country’s position in support of the Palestinian cause and against the “deal of the century” and the Israeli annexation plan.

Alawi lauded the rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah, hailing this move as a “step in the right path.”