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Palestinian parliament speaker holds Israeli occupation responsible for health of captive MP

30 July, 20

Speaker of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Aziz Dweik has held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for any consequences of the arrest of parliamentarian Nizar Ramadan, who is in very critical condition.

In a press statement on Wednesday evening, Dweik said that Ramadan’s detention posed a real threat to his life given that he suffers from several diseases, including sight problems, blood pressure, diabetes.   

Dwiek accused the Israeli occupation of deliberately neglecting Ramadan’s health.

Ramadan’s family said that his health has deteriorated after being interrogated in Ashkelon prison and was then moved to hospital with unstable condition.  

The parliament speaker denounced the arrests of Palestinian parliamentarians by the Israeli occupation for representing their people and defending their issues, citing the arrest of MP Fathi al-Qarawi following a rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah. 

Last week, Israeli occupation forces detained Hamas MP Nizar Ramadan, 61, along with his son Ahmad, 25, in a raid on his home in the West Bank city of Hebron, even though he was imprisoned for about 14 years in Israeli jails.