Statement: Dropping Palestinian draft resolution by Arab League is auction for Palestinian rights

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Hamas movement condemns the ministerial council of the Arab League’s rejection of a draft resolution on the US-brokered normalisation agreement between the Israeli occupation and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This move shows that the Arab League has abandoned its responsibility towards the Palestinian cause by giving justifications for normalisation and agreements with the Israeli occupation, which goes ahead with suppression and aggressive measures against the Palestinians. Now, the occupation Judaizes Jerusalem, establishes settlements in the West Bank, imposes a suffocating siege on the Gaza Strip, and displaces the Palestinian residents in 1948 territories after endorsing the “nation-state law”, let alone killings, displacement, and denying the Palestinian refugees their right to return. Meanwhile, the Arab League covers the normalisation of Emirati rulers with the occupation.

Rejecting the Palestinian draft resolution highlights the weakness of the Arab League that contributes to strengthening the Israeli occupation by supporting Emirati rulers. Moreover, the Arab League overrides its resolution taken in Beirut Summit stipulating that ‘Palestinian rights are before normalisation’. Such a step contradicts the rationale for the existence of the Arab League: supporting and defending the issues of the Arab countries against external threats, above all the Palestinian issue.

Hamas reiterates its unwavering position against normalisation and considers it a stab in the back of the Palestinian people. We call on the Arab League to backtrack on this horrible move.

We urge the Arab countries to reject this step and press the Arab governments to halt any normalisation activities due to their horrible outcomes on the Arab rights and Palestinian issue, thus encouraging the Israeli occupation to continue killings, judaization, settlement, and expansion.