Hamas Islamic Resistance

Statement on 27th anniversary of Oslo deal

13 September, 20

Twenty-seven years have passed on the signing of the Oslo Accords, which have put the Palestinian people and cause in an arbitrary political maze and brought more restrictions on the Palestinians. Thus, the Palestinian cause have been going through difficult stages while the Israeli project on our land is flourishing through illegal settlement expansion and the economic restrictions that the Israeli occupation has exploited to pass various forms of security and economic deals.

Security coordination, which has undermined the option of resistance, is not the only defect in the Oslo agreement, as its economic aspect has become a major tool for blackmail that the Israeli occupation could not use without 1993 deal.  

The anniversary of this agreement comes as a new glimpse of hope is waving in the horizon of national relations, raising the possibility of unifying the Palestinians behind a proper position in the face of the Israeli occupation. It is the option of resistance in all forms, above all the armed resistance, that proved to be the most effective approach to face off the Israeli occupation until achieving full liberation of Palestine and restoring freedom for the Palestinians.

This ill-fated anniversary comes as we celebrate a historic victory accomplished by the Palestinian resistance during the Second Intifada. The Israeli occupation has never considered withdrawing its armed forces and illegal settlers from the Gaza Strip under any agreement but was forced to take this decision with its tail between its legs.   

On this anniversary, Hamas states the following:

Hamas hails the Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories as well as Palestinian refugees in the diaspora, for standing steadfast and sticking to their rights while remaining committed to resisting the Israeli occupation to restore them.

We confirm that normalisation, which some Arab states are scrambling to follow, is a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and cause.

We stress the necessity for unified Palestinian decision-making and work, which Hamas have long been calling for, to face off the growing wave of normalisation  in the region. 

Hamas restates its commitment to the outcomes of the Palestinian secretaries-general’s meeting and the decisions taken to unify efforts in the face of the “deal of the century,” normalisation, and the Arab League’s stance in its latest summit.

Jerusalem will remain the eternal and unified capital of Palestine. No one is entitled to turn it into a capital for the Israeli occupation.

Just as how the Oslo deal has failed to abolish the right of return for Palestinian refugees, all attempts to liquidate this right are bound to fail, as it will remain a guaranteed right for every Palestinian forced out of their hometowns and villages . 

We confirm that inclusive resistance is the only option to end the Israeli occupation, foil its plots and liberate the occupied Palestinian territories and holy sites.