Hamas Islamic Resistance

Statement on Hamas-Fatah meeting in Istanbul

24 September, 20

As part of the outcomes of the conference of Palestinian secretaries-general and the ongoing national Palestinian dialogue, two senior delegations from Hamas and Fatah met in the Palestinian Consulate General in Istanbul.

The meeting focused on the tracks agreed upon in the sectaries-general’s summit, held early this month in Ramallah and Beirut.

It has been agreed on a unified vision which will be brought up for discussion by the Palestinian factions.

The official and final announcement of national consensus will be made in the meeting of secretaries-general before 1 October on condition that the practical track comes into effect right after the conference.       

Both delegations expressed their gratitude to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish leadership and people for hosting this meeting.

The joint delegation also thanked the leaderships of both factions for their dedicated work and efforts to ensure the success of this summit.

Finally, Hamas and Fatah reiterated their commitment to joint and unified work to defend their people’s rights and interests and face off all plots targeting the Palestinian cause until gaining full independence and establishing the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.