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Mesha’l: Resistance won’t let detainee on hunger strike Maher al-Akhras down

14 October, 20

Maher al-Akhras
Maher al-Akhras

Former Chief of Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Mesha’l stressed on Tuesday that the Palestinian resistance will not leave Palestinians detained in Israeli jails alone.

In a phone call with the wife of the Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike for 78 days Maher al-Akhras, the former head of Hamas Political Bureau said that the Palestinian resistance will force the Israeli occupation to meet the humanitarian demands of the detainees in case no response has been made by the occupation.

Mesha’l hailed the ‘heroic steadfastness’ of the Palestinian detainee who has been battling for freedom and dignity in spite of his critical medical conditions.

“We raise our hats for the high spirit and steadfastness of Maher,” he continued.

The married father of six went on a hunger strike in late July to protest his administrative detention in the Israeli jails with no charge nor trial. His medical conditions have deteriorated after more than two months of battling for freedom in detention—he is now on the verge of death.

Israeli occupation forces continue to arrest and place scores of Palestinians in administrative detention despite the outbreak of the covid-19 in Palestine and inside the Israeli prisons.