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Leaked: Video shows Israeli soldiers praising each other for shooting Palestinians

17 January, 16


A new video footage has surfaced that shows Israeli soldiers having an amusing time picking targets while suppressing the Palestinian protests of Jerusalem intifada.

In the video, Israeli soldiers praised fellow criminal soldiers for successful hits against the civilian protesters.

“Be ready, on him,” a soldier commands.

A gunshot rings out.

“What a hit!” “Beautiful!” soldiers say.

The footage was recovered from a camera dropped by one of the soldiers, and released on Facebook last week by Palestinian activists.

Daylight executions

Victims were attempting from afar to hurl stones against the armed forces, but the video clearly shows that the protesters had in no possible way posed danger to the barracked soldiers.

The video casts light on the regard Israeli occupation forces pay for lives of Palestinians under occupation. It also showcases another example of the Israeli sadistic treatment of Palestinians in the occupied lands.

Since the 1st of last October, 160 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli soldiers and settlers in protests of the Jerusalem intifada, while thousands were maimed or wounded.