Statement on Israeli killing of Palestinian minor south Ramallah

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The Israeli occupation committed a new crime against humanity by killing Palestinian kid Ali Abu Alia, 13, south Ramallah with live ammunition.

While we mourn the death of the Palestinian teen, we urge the international community to hold the Israeli leaders accountable for their awful atrocities at the International Criminal Court.

The killing of Abu Alia reflects the Israeli terrorism practised by Israelis at all levels.

On the other hand, the daily crimes by the Israeli occupation show how horrible and faulty normalising ties by some Arab countries with the Israeli occupation is. They also highlight that the Palestinian Authority has made a big mistake by restoring ties and returning to security collaboration with the Israeli occupation. 

We believe that such positions by the PA and Arab states encourage the Israeli occupation to perpetrate more crimes against the Palestinian people.

Additionally, Hamas confirms that national consensus on the option of resisting the Israeli occupation is the only way to face off the Israeli crimes and stop the attacks and assaults of settlers across the West Bank.