Statement on visit by EU envoys to Gaza

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Hamas welcomes the visit of European Union envoys to the Gaza Strip scheduled for next Tuesday, to follow the catastrophic humanitarian situation, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hamas stresses that the data on COVID-19 published by concerned government bodies in the Gaza Strip portends the worst at any moment; the ability of Gaza’s health sector to face off this crisis is seriously weakening due to the severe and constant shortages of medical supplies, especially those needed to fight off the pandemic, either because of the Israeli restrictions or the lack of funding needed to purchase these supplies.

On this occasion, Hamas confirms that the Israeli occupation and its unjust and illegal siege on the Gaza Strip is the root cause behind the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the coastal enclave.

The Israeli siege has undermined all Palestinian resources and damaged all aspects of life and hopes for a better future.

Hamas hopes that this welcomed visit would lead to practical steps to force the Israeli occupation to end its blockade immediately and unconditionally and recruit the support needed to control humanitarian crises and contain the pandemic.


Hamas Movement

International Relations Office