Statement on anniversary of Palestinian First Intifada

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December 8, 1987 has never been merely an anniversary of the outbreak of the First Intifada in the Palestinian revolutionary history, but it is a turning point and a landmark in the Palestinian freedom struggle.

During the First Intifada, all Palestinian groups and segments participated in an epic battle against the Israeli occupation. This mass, popular uprising had an enormous impact on the Israeli occupation which, at the time, bet on the illusion of undermining the Palestinian people’s awareness.

Then, the Israeli occupation mistakenly thought that the Palestinian people surrendered and accepted the status que and would no longer fight for their rights and liberation.

However, the Intifada came as a shock to the Israeli occupation and its leadership, as it turned the tables on its head, undermined its losing bets, and proved to the whole world that the Palestinian people do not accept injustice and will never cave in to the Israeli occupation or abandon their fight for their rights.

Moreover, the Palestinian revolution has become inspiring for all peoples seeking liberation around the globe.    

During the First Intifada, the Palestinian people have made great sacrifices, which proved that they are entrenched to their homeland and committed to their national identity while refusing to surrender to all attempts to undermine their national awareness and their connection to their homeland and cause.

A sense of national unity among all Palestinian factions and segments has, furthermore, prevailed during the Intifada—all Palestinians fought side by side against the Israeli occupation. 

On this occasion, Hamas believes that the dangers facing the Palestinian cause and the attempts to liquidate it require unifying efforts in the face of our sole enemy, the Israeli occupation.

In the meantime, the Israeli occupation announces new settlement projects in the West Bank, plans to annex the Jordan Valley and extend its purported sovereignty over it and all settlements built on the 1967 occupied Palestinian territories, conducts daily raids into al-Aqsa Mosque in a bid to impose a new fait accompli, Judaizes the Muslim holy site, and divides the Mosque spatially and timely, and sets fire to churches.

On this blessed anniversary, Hamas states the following:

First: We salute all martyrs who were killed during the First Intifada and all Palestinian martyrs, as well as all Palestinians who have made sacrifices for the sake of liberation, including Palestinian detainees and injured people and all those who have lost their homes or were expelled from their lands.

Second: We hail the Palestinian people of Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the 1948 occupied territories, as well as Palestinian refugees in diaspora and exile, for standing steadfast in the face of plots and remaining committed to their rights and option of resistance; we promise to continue following this approach until liberation.

Third: Resistance in all forms is a legitimate right and a strategic option that we will never abandon; Hamas will never cease supporting all efforts intended to reinforce the Palestinian resistance and enhance its capabilities. We will spare no effort to gear up and always be prepared to resist the Israeli occupation and release our Palestinian detainees at any cost.   

Fourth: Palestinian unity and developing a national project is a top priority for Hamas. Fighting off the Israeli occupation and facing off its colonial, destructive project will never be possible without a full partnership between all Palestinian factions and popular segments at the political, military, and diplomatic levels. Thus, we reiterate our commitment to any efforts that lead to healing the Palestinian rift, unifying efforts, and achieving complete reconciliation.

Fifth: We reaffirm our absolute and decisive rejection to the Palestinian Authority’s decision to restore ties and security coordination with the Israeli occupation. We view this track as a stab in the heart of efforts aimed at unifying the Palestinian decision-making and abandonment of partnership and national unity.

Sixth: We reject all forms of normalisation with the Israeli occupation, particularly at this seriously critical phase of the Palestinian cause, including all aspects of political, economic, cultural, and sports life in contradiction to the will of all nations refusing to establish any relation with the Israeli occupation or accept its existence in Palestine and the historic and political positions of those countries.


Hamas Movement 

Tuesday, 8 December 2020