Hamas meets with Egyptian delegation in Gaza

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Headed by member of Hamas Politburo Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya, a senior delegation from Hamas has met with Egyptian security officials in Gaza.

In the meeting, both sides discussed a number of issues concerning the Palestinian cause, including intra-Palestinian reconciliation, national unity and partnership, the Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza, humanitarian needs of the Gaza Strip, and the requirements to fight the novel coronavirus.

Hamas welcomed the endeavours of the Egyptian officials and appreciated the Egyptian role to support the Palestinian cause at all levels, especially Palestinian reconciliation.

The Hamas delegation also appreciated the strong bilateral relations reciprocated with the brothers in Egypt and highlighted the importance of pushing ahead with the Egyptian endeavours to promote intra-Palestinian unity, as it’s a strategic option to face off different challenges.

Hamas delegation and the Egyptian official agreed to keep in touch to follow up on the issues discussed in the meeting.