Hamas committed to all forms of resistance against Israeli occupation

‘Our struggle with the Israeli occupation is stemmed of its aggression on our homeland and holy sites not because of Jewish faith,’ Hamas official said. 

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Hamas Deputy Chief Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri said on Monday that his movement would remain committed to all forms of resistance, including armed confrontation against Israeli occupation.

In a speech on the 33rd anniversary of Hamas, al-Arouri stressed that Hamas is committed to its identity and approach and is ready to cooperate with all factions embracing the resistance option against the Israeli occupation.

“Our struggle with the Israeli occupation is stemmed of its aggression on our homeland and holy sites not because of Jewish faith,” al-Arouri explained. 

Al-Arouri pointed out that his movement would remain keen on restoring national unity and ending the intra-Palestinian division.

‘Rectifying error’

Al-Arouri reiterated the necessity to “rectify the error in the leadership of the Palestinian people,” which resulted in signing the Oslo Accords, provoking a deep division among the Palestinians, and marginalising their representatives.

In return, al-Arouri called for reactivating the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), a legitimate representative for the Palestinian people, by restructuring the bodies, above all the National Council, through fair and transparent elections so it would include all Palestinian segments.  

The senior Hamas official called for reconsidering the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) structure and purpose by a national consensus in order to turn it into a source of strength for the Palestinian fight against the Israeli occupation.

Strategic support

Hamas is keen on developing and cementing ties with all segments of the Arab and Muslim world, al-Arouri stressed.

Al-Arouri reaffirmed that his movement is determined on not getting engaged in any regional conflict.

As for Palestinian detainees, al-Arouri confirmed that Hamas has spared no effort to release them from Israeli prisons and “will not hesitate or backtrack on this battle until freeing them all.”    

Reiterating the necessity for healing the intra-Palestinian division and achieving unity as a “prelude to end the occupation of our land,” al-Arouri stressed that Hamas has exerted “honest” efforts in this regard.

Al-Arouri noted that the Israeli occupation is the “biggest obstacle in the face of reconciliation efforts.”  

West Bank

Al-Arouri pointed out that his movement was facing challenges in the occupied West Bank.

The efforts being exerted by some sides to weaken Hamas in the occupied West Bank are bound to fail, al-Arouri emphasised.

As for security collaboration, al-Arouri reaffirmed his movement’s rejection to all forms of coordination with the Israeli occupation, noting that political, security, and economic deals with the Israeli occupation “undermine the PA’s willpower.”

Source : Hamas