Haniyeh receives written letter from Abbas on Palestinian unity efforts

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Media advisor of Hamas chief Taher al-Nunu stated the following:

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh has received a written letter from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in which he welcomed Haniyeh’s letter sent a few days ago.

Haniyeh said this move will form a mutual ground for building partnership, ending the intra-Palestinian division and embodying unity among the Palestinian people and leadership through a fair and transparent democratic process.

In the letter, Abbas reiterated his commitment to achieving partnership and unity as a strategic goal, calling for holding a national dialogue to accomplish this goal.

He explained that he would work on creating positive environment and atmosphere to enforce all understandings and agreements, including the outcomes of the Palestinian secretaries-general’s meeting and the Istanbul understandings.   

In a letter sent to Abbas, Haniyeh reaffirmed the necessity to hold the National Council, parliamentarian and presidential elections consecutively within a period of six months at most.

Meanwhile, Haniyeh expressed confidence in the role of brotherly and friendly countries, particularly Egypt, Qatar, Turkey and Russia, which exert efforts to revive the reconciliation endeavours and ensure that all agreements and understandings are implemented. 

Hamas chief gave instructions to resume the dialogue through the approved channel spearheaded by Hamas deputy chief Saleh al-Arouri to communicate with Fatah among all Palestinian factions in order to enforce the national understandings and restore the Palestinian unity. 

The head of Hamas Political Bureau will deliver a speech today on the details of all developments concerning national unity efforts.


19 Jamad Awwal 1442

3 January 2021

Source : Hamas