Hamas welcomes presidential decrees on Palestinian elections

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas welcomes the issuance of presidential decrees on holding the general elections –the Palestinian National Council, the Palestinian Legislative Council and presidential elections.

Hamas reiterates its keenness on making these elections successful in order to achieve the interests of the Palestinian people who have the absolute right to choose their leadership and their representatives.

We have worked hard during the past months for the sake of facilitating all hardships in order to reach this end. We had shown a very high flexibility in this regard because we believe that this is a right for the Palestinians and should be in the hands of the Palestinians.

At the same time, we stress on the importance of affording the climate for free and transparent elections through which the voter could cast his vote without any pressures or restrictions; and with all justice and transparency.

We stress on the importance of completing the election process in Jerusalem, inside the country and abroad in order to rebuild the Palestinian political system and agree on a comprehensive national strategy to face the Zionist occupation.

In order to achieve all of the aforementioned issues, we have to accelerate holding a comprehensive national dialogue for all the national Palestinians without any exceptions.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas


2 Jamad Thani 1442

15 January 2021

Source : Hamas