Hamas hails Italian academics' call to boycott Israeli universities

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The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” has welcomed a petition by Italian academics and researchers to boycott the Israeli occupation’s research institutions and universities.

In a press statement on Saturday, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri hailed the petition, noting that the boycott movement plays a crucial role in pressuring the occupation to stop its crimes against Palestinians.

“This petition illustrates the increasing state of isolation the occupation suffers as a result of its crimes.” He underlined.

168 academics and researchers, who belong to seven universities across Italy, have signed a petition that calls for suspending all academic agreements with the Technion Institute (Israel Institute of Technology) and all the Israeli universities.

The petitioners explained that their call comes as a result of the Israeli institutions’ intensive involvement with the Israeli occupation forces “IOF” and its colonization.

"We are academics, researchers and lawmakers in the Italian universities; we are deeply concerned by the continued cooperation with the Technion. The Zionist universities participate in military research and in the development of weapons the Israeli army use against the Palestinian people; in addition, they provide assistance to the Israeli army and its colonization of the Palestinians." The petition stated.

"This collaboration makes the Technion an accomplice in violation of international laws; therefore, cooperating with it is cooperating with the Israeli occupation authorities." It added.

Source : Hamas