Hamas welcomes ICC’s ruling on its jurisdiction to probe Israeli crimes

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On the ICC’s ruling that it is able to investigate Israeli war crimes, Hamas states the following:

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas welcomes the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) ruling on 5 February 2021 that its territorial jurisdiction extends to the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.

As it considers this move as an important step on the path of achieving justice and ruling in favour of the Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation, Hamas calls for taking further steps needed to bring Israeli war criminal to the ICC, prosecute them for their involvement in crimes against the Palestinian people and face pressure put on it to confirm its integrity and transparency.

On this occasion, we also call on the international community to help the Palestinian people in their fight to restore their basic rights to freedom, independence, and self-determination.

Hamas Movement


24 Jamad Thani 1442

6 February 2021

Source : Hamas