Hamas detainees dismiss report about being excluded from election talks

Hamas prisoners stressed that no one is entitled to give remarks to the media of their behalf.

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The commission of Hamas detainees in Israeli jails denied report by Arabi 21 news site claiming that Hamas detainees do not want to participate in general elections as they had not been consulted in this regard.

In a press release, the detainees reaffirmed that they are an integral part of the movement’s decision-making bodies and that they have been widely consulted regarding Hamas’ decision to run for the Palestinian elections.

The commission explained: “The [Arabi 21] website has not contacted us for a comment,” adding: “We were shocked to know that a stance in our name was circulated through media outlets. This undermines truth, objectivity and integrity, which are genuine bases of the free media.”

At the same time, the commission stressed that it is the only body representing Hamas detainees inside Israeli jails, and no one is entitled to give remarks to the media of its behalf.

Denouncing this act as an “insult to Hamas’ shoran institutions and an attempt to undermine the efforts exerted to rearrange the Palestinian House,” the commission demanded the news website to apologise and provide an explanation for publishing this report.

Source : Hamas