Badran: No alternative for Palestinian unity to face dangers posed to Palestinian cause

Badran noted that some matters should be resolved to heal the intra-Palestinian division.

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Member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran reaffirmed that the Cairo talks will be resumed next month as planned, stressing there are no options rather than unity.

“As Palestinians, we have no options other than unity,” Badran said in a press statement, adding: “The recent attempts to liquidate the [Palestinian] cause requires every Palestinian to agree on the Palestinian constants.”

“They [the talks] were not limited on discussing the reconciliation but an attempt to make a breakthrough in the Palestinian division through a different means, which is going back to the Palestinian people,” Badran continued.

Badran noted that some matters should be resolved to heal the intra-Palestinian division.   

After holding the legislative elections, Badran continued, a national unity government including all Palestinian factions and segments should be formed to unify Palestinian institutions in the West Bank and Gaza and handle all matters that have been affected by the internal Palestinian rift.

Badran stressed that his movement is keen on overcoming all hurdles facing the Palestinian elections so that the Palestinian people can identity their options without pressure or influence of any kind or by any party. 

The Hamas official demonstrated that several countries have intervened to end the intra-Palestinian division, such as Egypt, Turkey, and Qatar and offer assurances to guarantee holding the Palestinian elections with its three stages.

As for Israeli attempts to intervene in the election process, Badran pointed out that the Israeli occupation is keen on perpetuating the intra-Palestinian division and foiling any effort to achieve a Palestinian unity. 

“The Oslo agreement was one of the destructive stages of the Palestinian situation and created a large gap in it,” Badran confirmed.

“Every Palestinian is aware that we should overcome it [the Oslo accords] with its political, security and economic consequences,” Badran added.

He continued: “This was clear in the Cairo talks as the Oslo agreement was not mentioned by the representatives of all Palestinian factions and in the final statement as well.”

Concerning security coordination with the Israeli occupation, Badran affirmed that there is a Palestinian consensus on the popular and mass levels to reject security collaboration with the Israeli occupation.

Regarding normalisation with the Israeli occupation, Badran stressed that there is a unified Palestinian position against all forms of normalisation with the Israeli occupation.

“We, the Palestinians, are directly affected by any Arab normalisation of ties with the Israeli occupation,” Badran concluded. “The Arab parties that normalise with the Israeli occupation don’t benefit from it at the political, domestic, and international levels.”

Source : Hamas