Hamas condemns laws and resolutions issued by PA with no legal grounds

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Commenting on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to postpone elections of Palestinian unions and syndicates in Palestine, Member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran stated the following:

Issuing any law by the Palestinian Authority at this time contradicts the steps taken in preparation for the legislative elections, as the legislative council is the only body entitled to issue and amend laws.

Therefore, the amendments made by the Palestinian Authorities in the law on unions and syndicates that annex the work of such organisations to the plans of relevant ministries has no legal grounds. We do believe that this law tightens the PA’s grip on the Palestinian unions and syndicates, and restricts their freedom guaranteed in the Palestinian Basic Law.

Additionally, Hamas thinks that the resolution to postpone the elections of unions and syndicates for six months is a blow to the democratic practice inside Palestinian institutions.

Therefore, Hamas movement calls on the official bodies in the Palestinian authority to backtrack on such resolutions and to allow the coming elected parliament to exercise its authority and make any amendments needed based on the consensus of all Palestinian factions.

Source : Hamas