Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas documents Israeli, PA violations against Palestinians in January

08 February, 16


The media office at the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has issued a report documenting violations committed by the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority “PA” security apparatuses in January 2016.

According to the report, the Israeli occupation forces "IOF" had killed 23 Palestinians last month, including 19 in West Bank, 3 in the Gaza Strip, and another in the occupied lands of 1948.

Over the same period, IOF had arrested 449 Palestinians, including 29 children, 20 freed ex-prisoners, 8 women, and 7 Hamas leaders and supporters.

Further, IOF had knocked down a mosque and 18 houses, mostly owned by families of martyrs who fell during the Jerusalem intifada.

The occupation authorities had also appropriated 1,500 dunums of Palestinian lands.

The report further documented 60 cases of arbitrary arrests by the PA forces against pro-resistance activists, 58 among whom affiliated with Hamas. The majority of PA arrests were made in Hebron and Nablus governorates.