Statement on denying Palestinian detainee Hassan Salama’s right to run for elections

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We have received with deep regret the Central Election Commission’s decision to deny Palestinian detainee Hassan Salam’s his right to run for elections under the pretext that he is not registered in the voters database, despite being imprisoned by the Israeli occupation for more than a quarter of a century.

We have explained all circumstances in this regard to the Central Election Commission, contacted its chief to demonstrate the gravity of denying a Palestinian detainee his right to run for elections, and pointed to the seriousness of the Commission, as a national institution, to make such unjustifiable act.

Abiding by the Palestinian Law, a number of competent lawyers filed an appeal against the Commission’s decision to the Elections Court, which reviewed it on Saturday and postponed the ruling until Monday morning, given that it is a national issue that requires further discussion.

But we were shocked to learn that the Elections Court has turned down the appeal and endorsed the Commission’s decision.    

The Commission should have taken the decisions and developed the mechanisms needed to preserve the political rights of Palestinian detainee and their national issue and its significance by excluding them from some of the basic terms given their special circumstances, which cannot allow them to take some or all of the measures, particularly the detainees given long prison sentences.   

Thus, Hamas deplores the Commission’s insistence to reject Salama’s request to run for the parliamentary election; it should have sought other options just as it did when handling other matters.

With our respect for the Elections Court and its judges, we do not understand its miscalculation of this national matter and its negligence of its national symbolism with its impact on the issue of Palestinian detainees.

In this regard, we call on political and societal parties to voice their solidarity with Salama’s right to run for elections and preserve all political rights of Palestinian detainees.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas


22 Shaaban 1442

5 April 2021