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Israeli interrogators threatened to rape Al Qeiq and his family, lawyer reveals

21 February, 16


Israeli investigators threatened to rape Palestinian hunger striker Mohammed Al Qeiq, his wife and children, the news website Mondoweiss has revealed recently.

According to Mohammed Al Qieq’s lawyer Ashraf Abu Sneineh, Israeli interrogators told Al Qeiq that they will keep him under administrative detention for seven years if he did not confess.

Al Qeiq wasn’t daunted by interrogators’ threats, Abu Sneineh explained.

“He said ‘I have nothing to confess to and I don’t want to continue this investigation in this manner. So they threatened to rape him, his wife and his kids.” Abu Sneineh stated.

After these threats, ِAl Qeiq began his hunger strike, according to Abu Sneineh.

Captive and Palestinian journalist Mohammed Al Qeiq has been on a hunger strike for 89 days.

He was arrested from his own home in Ramallah on November 21, 2015 and has been subjected to harsh torture during interrogation, then held in administrative detention without trial or charge.

Following his detention and torture, he declared an open-ended hunger strike, which he began on November 25, 2015.

In spite of his critical condition, Israeli authorities still refuse to release Al Qeiq or set up a date for the end of his administrative detention.