Hamas: Reasons led to offensive should be removed to maintain ceasefire

Al Sinwar said that his movement agreed unconditional and simultaneous ceasefire since the first day of the Israeli offensive, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused, hoping to achieve any of his imaginative victories.

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Head of Hamas in Gaza Yahya al Sinwar said on Wednesday that reasons which led to the latest offensive on Gaza Strip should be removed in order to maintain ceasefire.

In a meeting held with foreign reporters in Gaza, al Sinwar counted these reasons: “Settlers raids on Al Aqsa Mosque, attacks on worshipers and plans to expel Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah, in addition to the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza.”

Al Sinwar stated that silence of the great world powers and the normalisation of ties between Arab states and the Israeli occupation state encouraged the Israeli government and settlers to continue their aggression on the Palestinians.

“Israeli settlers carry out their crimes, against the Palestinians, under the protection of the Israeli government,” Al Sinwar said, stressing that “if the world did not stop the Israeli aggression, a religious war would be triggered that would destablise the region and the world.”

The top Hamas leader in Gaza replied to a question about firing rockets at Israeli civilians, saying: “The Zionist war machine equipped with the most recent weapons from the world countries, mainly the US destroys high-rises, homes and media offices, in addition to children and women, then you come and ask: why does Hamas fire rockets at Israeli civilians? It is a disproportionate question.”

Meanwhile, he compared between Hamas and Israeli conducts during the offensive. “However, Palestinian civilians were attacked by the Israeli occupation without an advanced warning, Israelis were given warnings by Al Qassam before firing any of its rockets in order to give time for the Israelis to go to shelters.”

Al Sinwar said that his movement adopts all forms of resistance to regain the Palestinian rights, however, it prefers the popular one. “We tried this during the Great March of Return, but the Israeli occupation army used a lethal force that killed hundreds of peaceful protesters, as well as blinded and broke legs of hundreds of others,” he said.

He stressed that did not push us to surrender. “We will never remain a motionless victim which is ready to be beaten or killed without any resistance,” he said. “We will do what all peoples do under the occupation. We are equipped with the international law which gives us the right to fight the occupation and regain our rights.”

When asked when Hamas will stop firing rockets, Al Sinwar said: “If the world stopped the occupation, then, there will be no need to fire rockets. The Zionist state is the only occupation in the world. We hope that it ends without a heavy price, but this does not mean that we are not ready to pay the price for ending it.”

The top Hamas leader in Gaza did not mind that his movement would not be involved in rebuilding Gaza, but he said that it would make sure that all the money sent to Gaza given to the people, stressing that his movement had never and will never funnel any penny from the humanitarian aid sent to Gaza to its pocket.

Al Sinwar said that his movement thanked Iran because of its support to the Palestinian resistance. He also said that his movement thanked all the countries which supported it. Then, he stressed that Hamas will never be part of any country’s pocket.

He also said that his movement’s relations had improved with Cairo before the offensive, stressing that Hamas respects Egypt and considers its role in the area as very important. “We are pleased to be hosted by Egypt for talks and discussions,” he said, calling Egypt “our second country.”

Source : Hamas