Hamas welcomes Irish Legislature’s motion on Israeli settlements

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Hamas movement welcomes Irish Legislature’s motion passed unanimously declaring construction of Israeli settlements in Jerusalem and West Bank as part of de facto annexation and forced displacement of Palestinians.

We deem this move as an advanced position in favour of the Palestinian freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation—it is a precedent that a European country passes such a motion with strong and straightforward terms.

Additionally, the proposal emphasised that the Israeli occupation violates the international laws and conventions by continuing its illegal settlements in the West Bank and the forced displacement of the Palestinians, the last of which was the plans to expel Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah Neighbourhood.

We call on all European parliaments to take similar positions that emphasise their commitment to the international law, especially those related to the Israeli heinous crimes committed during the latest offensive on Gaza.

Such Israeli violations must be met with strong positions that may deter the Israeli crimes from continuing its crimes. Otherwise, chaos and the law of jungle will prevail.

We confirm that no prosperity nor stability will be achieved in the region as long as the Israeli occupation continues its illegal occupation to Palestine backed with absolute political immunity to cover its violations of the international law and international legitimacy.

Dr Basem Naim

Chief of Hamas International Relations Office


16 Shawwal 1442

28 May 2021

Source : Hamas