Haniyeh meets a delegation of the Mauritanian Future Society

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Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh, along with a senior Hamas delegation in the Mauritanian capital, met today morning with a delegation of the Future Society headed by the Society's Secretary-General Sheikh Sayed al-Haj.

The Society's delegation congratulated the Hamas delegation for the victory of the Palestinian people and its resistance. The Society's delegation also touched on the importance of the Society and its role in Mauritanian society, expressing their support for the Palestinian people and their historical rights.

For his part, Haniyeh affirmed the strong relationship with the Mauritanian leadership and people.

The Hamas head emphasized the movement's determination on the rights of the Palestinian people, the resistance program, and the continuation of preparing the generation of victory.

He also reviewed the results and repercussions of the "Sword of Al-Quds" Battle and its effects.