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Israeli violations at Al-Aqsa hit a 120% increase in February

03 March, 16


The number of Jewish settlers who defiled Al-Aqsa Mosque has increased sharply in February, a recent report by the Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Media Center (Qpress) revealed.

According to the report, 1149 Jewish settlers, mostly members of extremist Zionist groups, stormed Al-Aqsa in February, compared to 511 in January.

The report noted most violations taking place at fixed times in the morning and noon hours, in conformity with the Israeli attempts to divide the holy mosque temporally.

The 120% increase in violations points out an Israeli intention to set the stage for more violations in the lead up to the Jewish holidays in March and April, the report underlined.

“The Israeli measures at Al-Aqsa indicate that further escalation is ahead,” Qpress stated.

Years of daily violations of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa and schemes to divide the holy mosque spatially and temporally had sparked the wave of protests and resistance operations known as the Jerusalem intifada (uprising), now in its seventh month.