Hamas: The Zionist occupation membership in the African Union is shocking and reprehensible

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The decision to grant the Zionist occupation membership in the African Union as an observer member is shocking and reprehensible

This decision enhances the legitimacy of the occupation entity on our land and gives it more opportunities to continue its plans to erase Palestinian rights and continue its brutal crimes against the Palestinian people. 

Unfortunately, this decision is taken by the countries of Africa that have suffered for centuries from the yoke of colonialism and racism and suffered to get rid of them.

We saw and still see in the countries of this continent a natural extension of our just struggle for freedom and independence, and we look forward to their strong and continuous support. Accordingly, we demand the immediate expulsion of this occupation entity from the Union and the imposition of deterrent penalties on it until it acquiesces to truth and justice, and responds to our aspirations as a people under occupation by establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the return to our homes from which we were expelled by brutal force.

Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas