Badran: Hamas and the factions will use all means to pressure the occupation

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A member of the Hamas political bureau, Hussam Badran, and head of the National Relations Office said that the change of Israeli governments does not concern us and whenever we feel that there is some kind of hesitation and reluctance and the disruption of negotiations to stabilize the ceasefire and lift the siege on Gaza, we will resort, in agreement with the factions in Gaza, to use different mechanisms to pressure the occupation.

Badran confirmed in an interview via the Club app that Hamas will do everything necessary for the Palestinian people to live in freedom and dignity, explaining that the main reason for the stalemate in the truce negotiations is the change of the Israeli government, which suffers from a lack of political experience, and its extensive internal disputes.

Badran pointed out that the absence of the minimum level of Palestinian unity weakened the ability to make the optimal political investment after winning the battle "Sword of Al-Quds", calling for the reform of the Palestine Liberation Organization in a way that ensures the participation of all political parties in it.

Badran noted that the party in control of the PLO rejects every attempt to reform it, and has canceled the elections under the pretext of Jerusalem, and has halted the path of Palestinian unity that our people and its factions found to be promising.

On the huge promises of reconstruction, Badran said that the experience of the Gaza Strip in previous aggressions confirms that a number of countries do not abide by their commitments to the reconstruction of Gaza, stressing that the new Israeli government is hampering the reconstruction process.

He stressed that the "Hamas" movement will not accept the attempts of any country to take advantage of its donation to rebuild the Gaza Strip to put pressure on the resistance.

He explained that the Hamas movement has strengthened its political position in the Arab world, as the movement's leader, Ismail Haniyeh, visited several Arab countries, and he will visit other countries in the next stage.

Regarding the arrested Palestinians in Saudi Arabia, Badran stressed that there has been no real progress so far to release them, stressing that continuing all attempts will continue to end these unfortunate and sad issues.