Hamas calls to hold the occupation accountable and bring its leaders before international tribunals

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The Human Rights Watch report issued today that accuses the Israeli occupation of committing acts amounting to war crimes in violation of international law and international humanitarian law reaffirms what dozens of international human rights institutions have documented for decades, that this occupation state acts as an entity above the law and enjoys impunity through the absolute American support which protects it from punishment and allows it to continue committing the most heinous crimes including murder, displacement, violating sanctities and stealing land.

We also affirm that the Palestinian people are exercising their legitimate right to resist the occupation with the available capabilities in accordance with international law. Based on our religious and national values ​​and following international laws, the Palestinian resistance has shown its constant keenness to avoid targeting civilians, despite all the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation against our children and women and entire families have been written off from civil records.

On this occasion, we reaffirm the demands of the Palestinian people, which are supported by international law, for the necessity of holding the Israeli occupation accountable, prosecuting its leaders, and bringing them before international tribunals.

Dr. Bassem Naim
International Relations Office
Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas