Hamas condemns killing a Palestinian youngster south Nablus  

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Hamas movement mourns the killing of Shadi Omar Saleem Alshurafa who was shot dead by the zionist occupation forces this morning at Beita town south Nablus. 

We hail the steadfastness of the Palestinian residents of Beita who have been resisting the colonial settlers tirelessly at the village and at Mount Subaih. The Palestinians have turned these places into icons of determination for freedom against the Israeli occupation. 

We affirm that popular resistance at Beita town is a model of serious resistance that aims to force the Israeli occupation to end its colonial project in Palestine. This model of popular resistance must be adopted and generalized to confront the colonial settlement project across all occupied Palestinian territories. 

We extend our condolences to the family of the Palestinian martyr. The martyrs’ blood won’t be spilt in vain. The Palestinian people look forward to achieving victory in the battle of Mount Subeih against the Israeli colonial settlers who have been exercising bullying and land theft. The Palestinian confrontation of the Israeli colonial settlers at Beita, Jenin, Nablus, and Qusra confirms that the resistance is the only viable option to stop the colonial settlers’ aggression and end the Israeli occupation.

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas

Wednesday: 28 July 2021