Hamas condemns murdering a Palestinian child in Hebron

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Spokesman of Hamas Movement, Hazem Qassem, stated the following:

The murder of the Palestinian child Muhammad Al-Alami, who was shot by the occupation army in Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, is a full-fledged war crime, and it reaffirms the just demands of the Palestinian people to prosecute the occupation army leaders before the International Criminal Court.

The insistence of the occupation army to repeat its crimes against the children of the Palestinian people reflects its constant feeling that it is above international law, and acts with the logic of thuggery.

The crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people in the West Bank will only be stopped by the escalation of the comprehensive resistance.

Mr. Hazem Qassem
Spokesman of the Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas

Thursday 29 July 2021