Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas prisoners launch activities against increased Israeli use of solitary confinement

06 March, 16


Hamas detainees held in Israeli occupation prisons launched Sunday a series of protests and activities, in reaction to increased use of solitary confinement and continuous punitive measures waged against them by Israeli prison services “ISP”.

Hamas detainees rejected on Sunday three meals that were provided by prison services, threatening to resort to a full-blown hunger strike if ISP refuses to answer to their demands.

ISP exercises a policy of segregation and discrimination against Palestinian prisoners, and particularly against Hamas detainees who have over the last two years suffered punitive measures which increased after the Jerusalem intifada.

Vindictive ISP measures include depriving Hamas detainees from family visits and canteen subsidies.

Further, ISP has over the last few months upped its use of solitary confinement against all detainees, where at least 16 prisoners are currently held in solitary confinement in different Israeli prisons.