Haniyeh: Jerusalem will remain the focal point for the great victory

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Head of the Political Bureau of the Hamas Movement Ismail Haniyeh stressed that Jerusalem will be the pivot point for achieving the great victory and the liberation of our Palestinian land.

Haniyeh said in a speech during the third international scholarly forum on the anniversary of Al-Aqsa Mosque arson, "Sword of Al-Quds," that the battle of Jerusalem constituted an important turning point in the course of the conflict with the occupation enemy and a turning point that will leave a profound impact on the demise of the occupation.

Hamas Chief said that we were blessed to take the decision of defending Al-Aqsa Mosque at the right time and the appropriate way during the battle of "Sword of Al-Quds".

Unprecedented station

Hamas Chief explained that the battle of "Sword of Al-Quds" is an unprecedented stage in the history of the conflict with the enemy, adding that we were blessed with victory, and inflicted an unprecedented defeat on the occupation enemy's army.

Haniyeh pointed out that the Palestinian resistance managed during the battle to thwart the military strategy adopted by the occupation army during the past years.

Indicating that the burning of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Salah al-Din pulpit was the beginning of a wide gateway to many fires carried out by the occupation in Palestine and Al-Aqsa, Haniyeh said that this battle revealed once again that Jerusalem will remain the focus of the conflict with the enemy.

Stressing that "Sword of Al-Quds" has proven that Jerusalem is the center of the conflict with the occupation, Haniyeh assured that Jerusalem cannot fall as long as its stationed people and trusted leaders adopt the resistance soul.

Haniyeh pointed out that the conflict with the occupation over the land of Palestine is not a border conflict, but rather an existential conflict, and a religious and ideological struggle.

Noting that the choice of negotiations resulted in more building of colonial settlement projects, killing the spirit of resistance in the West Bank, and security cooperation with the occupation, Haniyeh explained that "Sword of Al-Quds" proved that the choice of resistance is the strategic option for the liberation of Palestine. 

Comprehensive Resistance

The Head of Hamas political bureau said that when our Palestinian people decided to defend Bab al-Amud and Sheikh Jarrah wanted to confirm that the shortest way to liberation is the comprehensive resistance, foremost among which is armed resistance.

Haniyeh stressed that Jerusalem and the resistance are the path to unity. The entire Palestinian people in the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, the 1948 occupied territories, and the diaspora gathered around Jerusalem and the resistance during the Battle of "Sword of Al-Quds".

He pointed out that unity cannot be achieved at the expense of Jerusalem, nor the constants, nor the rights of our Palestinian people.

Nation Issue

Haniyeh continued: The battle of "Sword of Al-Quds" confirmed that the issue of Palestine is the issue of the whole nation. It was clear how the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nations rose around Jerusalem and Palestine during the battle.

Haniyeh stressed that all attempts to weaken the bond of Palestine and its cause -and all the billions that were spent in order to achieve this malicious goal - failed during this battle.

Haniyeh stressed that the Palestine issue will remain the central and uniting issue of the nation. Normalization, military, and security alliances cannot be the peoples' choice, but rather may be the choice of some governments.