Hamas hails Gilboa prison detainees' success in breaking prison chains

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Press Statement

On the success of Gilboa prison detainees in defeating the prison's restrictions, the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" issued the following statement:

 The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, congratulates the unique freedom operation by the heroic detainees in Gilboa Prison, which led to their success in breaking the prison shackles' restrictions towards freedom.

This heroic operation constitutes a challenge to the Zionist security services, as this tunnel was dug in the most fortified security measures of the enemy's prisons.

In front of this heroic scene, we affirm the following:

First / Protecting the liberated detainees is a legitimate and patriotic responsibitly for all Palestinians. We call on our Palestinian people to provide them protection regardless of the sacrifices.

Second/ This heroic operation represents a message to all detainees that freedom is very close. The efforts of the Palestinian resistance will continue until the freedom of all detainees in the occupation prisons.

Third/ We call on our Palestinian people to rally around the resistance for achieving freedom of the detainees, protecting the holy sanctities, and liberating the Palestinian land.

Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas"
Monday: September 6, 2021