Statement on summoning of Palestinian parliamentarian by PA security forces

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Commenting on the summoning of Palestinian parliamentarian Nasser Abdel Jawwad, Hamas official Abdel Rahman Shadid stated the following: 

We condemn the summoning of member of the Palestinian Legislative Council Nasser Abdel Jawwad by the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Military Intelligence Service. 

This move represents a serious escalation in the internal Palestinian relationship and an assault on the Palestinian legislative institution as it is an extension of the PA’s dissolution of the Legislative Council, which created a state of monopoly on the Palestinian stage. 

We deplore this move which attempts to deviate the compass from Palestinian heroic acts as six Palestinian detainees managed to escape from Israeli custody in a harsh blow to the Israeli occupation security services and leaders and the Palestinian residents of Beita and Gaza continue their nighttime protests against the occupation. 

Hamas official Abdel Rahman Shadid
Monday, 6 September 2021