Hamas condemns retaliatory measures of occupation against Palestinian detainees

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Press Statement

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, strongly condemns all the retaliatory measures taken by the Zionist occupation against our brave detainees.

We warn the Zionist occupation of continuing these repressive and retaliatory measures against the detainees, as the occupation is fully responsible for all the consequences of these dangerous policies, and the lives of all detainees,

We will not be silent towards the occupation's crimes and violations against the detainees as we will never leave them alone in their battle until they achieve their just rights of freedom.

The heroic detainees breaking off their chains and retrieving their freedom is a heroic and brave act of resistance that inspires all the world and reflects the solid will of our brave detainees to win their battle in restoring their freedom.

Affirming that our resistant people supporting them in facing the Israeli occupation measures, we salute the steadfastness of our brave detainees in Israeli occupation jails. 

We call on human rights and international organizations to break the silence on all these heinous Israeli occupation crimes against the detainees and highlight their issue in international forums.

 Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas"
Wednesday: September 8, 2021