Hamas calls for ‘Friday of Rage' in response to Israeli occupation oppression on detainees 

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Press Statement

In light of the brutal oppression by Israeli occupation forces on the Palestinian detainees held in Israeli occupation jails, and the Israeli occupation's intelligence failure to recapture them on the heels of the heroic prison break, we call on the Palestinian people to organize a ‘Friday of Rage’ to show solidarity with detainees and protest the Israeli occupation’s tyranny and attacks on them. We urge the Palestinian people to confront the Israeli occupation forces at flashpoints in response to the Israeli occupation’s oppression of prisoners. 

Hamas confirms that the Palestinian people will not abandon the detainees held in Israeli occupation jails—they are not alone. Rather, they are prepared to make enormous sacrifices and get engaged in battles against the Israeli occupation for the sake of the detainees’ freedom. Having sacrificed many martyrs to achieve the Wafa’ Alhrar (True Promise of Free men) prisoner swap deal in 2011, the Palestinian people are willing to take part in more battles to defend the detainees.
The Palestinian people are through a historic stage in the freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation to defend the constants of the Palestinian cause, above all the holy compound and the detainees. We will be united in these battles against the Israeli occupation.
Finally, we hail the Palestinian people revolting across Palestine, from Rafah in the South to Jenin in the North. The escalation of resistance against the Israeli occupation communicates one message to the world: the Palestinian people are united behind resisting the occupation and protecting detainees and sacred places.