Hamas mourns death of Palestinian scholar Ameer Rasras 

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Hamas movement has mourned the death of Palestinian scholar Ameer Rasras, who passed away in Hebron Thursday evening. 

Rasras is a renowned Palestinian professor of Islamic jurisdiction. 

In a statement, the movement said: “Rasras was an icon of the Islamic movement and a leading scholar in Islamic jurisdiction.” 

“Rasras also bears witness to the Palestinian Nakba—he was forced to flee his hometown, the village of Al-Faluja, following the Zionists’ bombardment and massacres committed while occupying Palestine [in 1948],” the movement mentioned in the statement.  

In one of his publications, the Palestinian scholar documented a similar atrocity perpetrated by Zionist gangs in 1948 at Al-Dawayima village. 

Hamas extended its condolences to Rasras’s family and the people of Hebron, wishing that the deceased may rest in peace now.