Barhoum: Detaining Gilboa prison breakers will motivate Palestinians to continue freedom struggle 

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Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said Saturday that detaining some of the Palestinian detainees who liberated themselves from Gilboa prison is just a “round of the open and long-standing struggle with the Israeli occupation.”

In a press statement, Barhom stressed that the arrests will only be a “motive for Palestinian citizens of the occupied West Bank to continue their resistance and mass intifada (uprising) against the Israeli occupation and in support of Palestinian detainees and their rights.”

“The heroic and courageous scene of the six heroes of the Freedom Tunnel in damaging the reputation of the Israeli occupation and its security establishment and the mass popular and national reaction which accompanied this heroic event will go down in history,” added Barhoum.      

Barhoum continued: “This battle revived in the hearts of all Palestinians that the outbreak of a mass uprising in the face of the Israeli occupation is only a matter of time.”

Barhoum explained that this, however, requires intensifying and expanding resistance to the Israeli occupation across all towns and villages of the occupied West Bank.