Resistance is the truest and shortest way to Liberation 

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On the sixteenth anniversary of the Zionist occupation defeat from Gaza, Hamas Movement issued the following statement:

Resistance is the truest and shortest way to Liberation 

On this day of 2005, Gaza witnessed liberation after a military occupation that lasted for 38 years. Sixteen years ago, our Palestinian people and our resistance recorded a real defeat of the Zionist occupation from the Gaza Strip.

The occupation's withdrawal from Gaza and colonial settlements in the northern West Bank, in a move they called "disengagement", was nothing but a real defeat in front of the resistance that our Palestinian people adopted. The resistance forced the occupation to withdraw from Gaza after it couldn't afford the consequences of continuing the occupation under the ferocity of the resistance.

After the occupation trampled on all he considered sacred before, as it used to consider the value of "Netsareem" colonial settlement as the "Tel Aviv", it withdrew from Gaza after it couldn't withstand the blows of resistance. The occupation later imposed the siege on Gaza in a delusional attempt to break the determination of the people.

However, the resistance of our Palestinian people nullified all the occupation attempts to destroy it and make it surrender. Rather, it accumulated the power and preparation, which enabled it to impose rules of engagement on the occupier, and underlined victories against the occupier culminated in the Battle of "Sword of Al-Quds" which our Palestinian people demonstrated a model for the comprehensive battle of liberation that defeats the enemy from all of Palestine.

This anniversary of the Zionist defeat comes in the shadows of the myth of a new challenge embodied by our brave heroic detainees in facing the occupier. This synchronization assures that the resistance is the only way to free the Palestinian land from the occupier.

On the anniversary of the defeat, Islamic Resistance Movement affirms the following:

First: We salute our heroic resistant people all over Palestine who affirm that resistance is the only choice and the way to liberation and return.

Second: The enemy's attempts to break the determination of our Palestinian people through targeting, siege, colonial settlement, and Judaization will be nothing but an abject failure and the occupation must learn the lesson of defeat.

Third: Our resistance will not retreat or budge, and will continue its battles with the enemy, accumulating strength and preparation until the complete liberation and return of Palestine.

Fourth: We call on our Palestinian people to rally behind the detainees'  cause, as they face the heinous aggression of the jailer. We renew our pledge to liberate all the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli occupation jails.

Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas"

Sunday: September 12, 2021