Hamas: We will not leave the detainees and we will be a help to them

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Deputy head of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" in the West Bank, Zaher Jabarin, confirmed that the Gilboa Prison breakers who restored their freedom through a tunnel they dug, constituted a strategic victory over the Zionist occupation.

Jabareen stressed in a televised interview that the Palestinian resistance will not allow the occupation to single out the detainees in Zionist occupation prisons, pointing out that the movement informed the Egyptian side that it would not allow the occupation to single out our prisoners.

Hamas official added that despite the re-arrest of some detainees who were liberated from Gilboa prison, the image of victory for our people and detainees has been achieved despite all the capabilities possessed by the occupation.

Assuring to help the detainees and not leaving them alone in facing the Israeli occupation, Hamas Official pointed out that the detainees insist to return the conditions as they were before the 6th September, before the Freedom Tunnel.

Jabarin explained that the leadership of the Detainee Movement of all the factions will not allow the occupier to single out the Islamic Jihad movement, and categorically refuses to distribute the detainees of the Jihad within the rest of the organizations, noting that the detainees of the Freedom Tunnel will be at the head of any future exchange deal with the occupation.

Jabarin stressed that the Palestinians in the 1948 occupied lands are an integral part of our struggling Palestinian people, pointing out that the occupation is trying to create a gap between the components of our Palestinian people through false rumors.

Regarding the national unity, Jabareen affirmed Hamas' keenness to achieve Palestinian national unity, adding "We are ready to start immediately achieving national unity and to sit at one table with the foundations set by all Palestinians and agreed upon".