Badran warns against occupation's continued aggression against the detainees

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Issued by the member of Hamas political bureau, Hossam Badran:

The occupation's crime in Gilboa Prison requires a comprehensive and firm national stance to face the occupation's assault on the detainees, especially Section 3, headed by the detainee Othman Bilal.

We call on all human rights institutions to expose the occupation's crimes that violate humanity and international laws in Gilboa Prison - Section 3, of continuous beating for 5 hours while the detainees are handcuffed and shackled.

We warn the occupation against continuing its aggression against the Palestinian detainees in prisons, especially the re-captured of Freedom Tunnel operation.

Assuring the protection and freedom of the detainees at the top priorities of the resistance leadership, we hail the heroic revolution of our Palestinian people against the occupier enemy.

Hossam Badran
Member of the political bureau of Hamas
Tuesday: September 14, 2021