Statement on arbitrary Israeli measures against Palestinian detainees 

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Commenting on the arbitrary Israeli measures and violations against Palestinian detainees in “Gilboa” prison, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas stated the following: 

Through its continuous meetings, the Hamas leadership is following with great interest the arbitrary measures adopted against Palestinian detainees in its prisons, particularly the grave and serious violations committed against the detainees incarcerated in “Gilboa” jail after six of them managed to escape prison through a tunnel. 

After detaining four of them, the Israeli occupation perpetrated retaliatory and punitive crimes against Palestinian detainees, including brutal torture during interrogation. 

The Hamas leadership dedicated a meeting to discuss the issue of Palestinian detainees and its recent developments. 

In light of the ongoing Israeli escalation and serious violations against the Palestinian detainees held in “Gilboa” prison and all Israeli occupation jails, Hamas stated the following:   
1-We warn the Israeli occupation against the consequences and repercussions of its violations and crimes against Palestinian detainees in its prisons and hold it fully responsible for their safety. The Palestinian people and resistance will not remain silent in the face of these violations. We warn the Israeli occupation jailers who tortured Palestinian detainees that the Palestinian people and freedom fighters will make you pay the price for your crimes without a doubt. 

2-We praise the Palestinian detainees who ripped their freedom with their own hands and hail the massive solidarity and support expressed by the Palestinian people and the Arab and Muslim world with them.

3-The sense of unity shown by all Palestinian detainees in facing the Israeli occupation measures in Gilboa prison among other jails and the popular support and the backing of Al-Qassam Brigades and all Palestinian resistance factions for the issue of Palestinian detainees emphasize the Palestinians’ unity, commitment to their rights, the option of resistance, the detainees’ issue, and their ongoing struggle for freedom.
4-The defeat suffered by the Israeli occupation in the “Freedom Tunnel” operation is an extension of a series of blows delivered to its security, military, and political establishment. The Israeli occupation would face similar defeats until the Palestinian people regain their freedom and return to their homeland.   

5-The issue of freeing Palestinian detainees from Israeli occupation prisons will remain a top priority for Hamas and the Palestinians; we promise the Palestinian detainees that they would retrieve their freedom very soon. 

6-We reaffirm what the Palestinian resistance leadership announced earlier that the rearrested detainees who liberated themselves from Gilboa prison will be included in any prisoner swap deal with the Israeli occupation.   

7-The Hamas leadership hails the Palestinian detainees for facing off the Israeli prison administration and forcing it to reverse some of its retaliatory measures. It also praises the victory scored by the Palestinian detainees through which they managed to restore some of their rights, which were abolished following the Gilboa prison break. The leadership, meanwhile, highlights the Palestinian detainees’ right to continue their legitimate struggle for their rights and dignity. 

8-We warn the Israeli occupation against committing any foolish act against Palestinian citizens of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin and stress that all Palestinians are united in support of Jenin. 

9-We call for the Arab and Muslim world, the free people of the world, and human rights groups to boost their solidarity with the Palestinian detainees, expose Israeli occupation crimes and violations against them, act at the political, media, legal, and humanitarian levels to defend them until they retrieve their freedom and end the occupation.
Hamas Movement 
Saturday, 17 September 2021