Re-capture of Kamamji and Nafeat will not undermine our struggle to liberate captives

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On the re-capture of the last two Gilboa Prison Breakers, member of the Hamas Political Bureau Zaher Jabarin issued the following statement:

We hail the Freedom Tunnel heroes in Gilboa Prison, who provided an inspiring model for the resistant Palestinian people and proved that rights are never granted but taken by force. 

The freedom ray that shined from Gilboa prison and sowed hope will not fade and the re-capture of the last two Gilboa prison breakers will not cover the size of the victory that embarrassed the occupation to conclude an honorable prisoner exchange.

The re-capture of the two heroes will not affect the determination of the Palestinians and their insistence on liberating the Palestinian detainees in the occupation jails. The resistance leadership is working to complete an honorable detainees exchange deal that includes the six detainees.

Jenin and its camp will remain a solid fortress for the revolutionaries, and our Palestinian people and their resistance will remain a strong shield that embraces and defends the detainee's cause until retrieving their freedom.

Zaher Jabarin
Member of the political bureau of Hamas

Sunday: September 19, 2021