Meshal phones families of Gilboa prison breakers 

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Hamas chief abroad Khalid Meshal called the families of the Palestinian detainees who liberated themselves from the maximum-security Israeli prison of Gilboa. 

Meshal hailed the Palestinian detainees for the courage they displayed as they were “doing the impossible in their quest for freedom and liberation from Israeli occupation prisons.” 

The detainees digging their way out of Gilboa prison has delivered a knock-out security blow to the Israeli occupation and its security services and is considered a “live example and a practical proof of the Palestinians’ determination to restore their freedom and retrieve their legitimate rights,” Meshal pointed out. 

Meshal concluded that the six men along with their fellow detainees would be released from Israeli occupation jails in a future prisoner swap deal, stressing that Hamas would continue to serve Palestinian detainees and their issues and families. 

The detainees’ families, in return, confirmed that they have every faith that Hamas alongside the Palestinian resistance is committed to the Palestinian detainees’ issue and working on hammering out a prisoner exchange agreement to release their loved ones.