Press release on PA’s declaration about municipal elections to be held partially 

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Hamas Movement follows up on the Palestinian Authority’s declaration made through its cabinet that municipal elections will be held in some villages and towns, excluding big cities where the vote will be postponed to the following year, as stated in the press release released by Shtayya’s government. 

Commenting on this declaration, the Hamas movement states the following: 
The PA’s decision to hold the elections partially comes at a troubled time after the general elections were canceled unilaterally by the PA a few days ahead of its due time. Some thirty-six electoral lists, which included thousands of candidates, registered for the vote and planned to run for the legislative, presidential, and National Council elections, whose formation is a top national priority at the moment.

Unfortunately, the PA follows the same approach—it takes all national decisions unilaterally and does not respect the Basic Law. 

Owing to the popular and national consensus on holding comprehensive elections, inclusive of all national, legislative, elections, and other institutions; and that we are committed to all agreements signed in the presence of all the Palestinian factions in this regard, we would like to confirm the following: 

1-    Holding the elections in all national institutions and at all levels is an unwavering right for the Palestinian people, given that voting is the democratic means to build up the Palestinian national organizations. Neither Hamas nor the Palestinian people will waive this popular right and demand the PA adhere to the agreements signed in this regard and hold Shtayya’s government responsible for the repercussions of its unilateral decision.

2-    The PA disregards the popular and national consensus by unilaterally declaring the organization of partial municipal elections. As this move is against the national consensus, Hamas will not be part of it and confirms that we should agree on a national strategy to serve the Palestinian people and its just cause at this challenging time. 

3-    We believe that the comprehensive (general) vote is the right step on the right track at the moment. Instead of calling for partial municipal elections, the PA must backtrack on the calling off the general elections and release a timetable for the National Council, legislative, and presidential elections, in addition to municipal, syndicate, and student unions elections. The Palestinian people look forward to this move and will be able to fight for this aspiration and right everywhere, including Jerusalem, regardless of the Israeli occupation’s restrictions. 

Accordingly, the Hamas movement announces that it is fully prepared to run for the general elections (legislative, presidential, and national council votes, in addition to municipal, syndicate, and student unions elections). 
The general elections should be held simultaneously and according to a timetable agreed upon by the Palestinian factions. We also call on the Palestinian factions, municipal councils, syndicates, student unions and NGOs, and popular committees to fight for and safeguard this right. No one has the right to deny the Palestinian people this right to vote or to bypass or manipulate it.

Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas"

Wednesday, 22 September 2021