Al-Qanoua calls for confronting colonial settlements by all means

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Press Statement

On the occupation's approval to build synagogues in the colonial outposts built on the occupied West Bank lands, spokesman of Hamas Movement Dr. Abdel Latif Al-Qanou stated the following:

Approval of the Zionist occupation's government to establish Jewish synagogues in the colonial settlements built on the Palestinian lands of the occupied West Bank reflects the continuous aggressive policy of the occupation in Judaizing and stealing the Palestinian land represented in establishing new colonial settlement outposts and expanding its colonial settlement projects.

The occupation's government announcement of establishing Jewish synagogues in the West Bank colonial settlements coincides with the meeting of PA's president with Zionist Minister of War Gantz and the PA’s security services continuous security coordination with the occupation. 
The PA's preoccupation with conducting small village elections individually without national consensus, and ignoring the confrontation of the colonial settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank have encouraged the occupation to proceed in its crimes against our Palestinian people and build more colonial settlements outposts.

The escalation of the colonial settlement pace in the occupied West Bank requires confronting it with all tools and means mainly stopping the PA's security services from pursuing and arresting the resistant revolutionaries and ending all forms of security coordination with the occupation.

Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Qanu'
A spokesman of Hamas Movement

Wednesday: September 22, 2021