Press statement on martyrdom of ex-detainee, Masalma

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Press Statement 

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas holds the Zionist occupation fully responsible for the death of the ex-detainee Hussein Masalma, who was subjected to torture, deliberate medical neglect, and inhumane prison conditions during his detention, like his fellow comrades detained in Israel's occupation jails.

This crime against humanity, which reflects the occupation's violations against the detainees in occupation jails especially ill ones, is added to the heinous record of the occupation and its series of crimes against our detainees.

The Hamas movement calls on all components of the Palestinian people to continue their support to the valiant detainees in the occupation jails and to vigorously participate in all events and activities that support their issue with all tools and means to pressure the occupation and expose its crimes. 

Hamas movement calls on all human and international rights institutions to work immediately and seriously to save the lives of thousands of Palestinian detainees in the occupation prisons and to hold the occupation accountable for its crimes and violations against them.

Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas"

Thursday: September 23, 2021