Hamas: Partial municipal elections is not up to the Palestinians’ aspirations 

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Member of Hamas Political Bureau Zakariya Moamer said that the Palestinian people have the right to participate and vote in the general elections. 

In an interview with the Al-Aqsa TV channel, Moamer said that the Palestinian people want comprehensive elections, inclusive of the legislative, presidential, and national council elections. 

He noted that the declaration by the Palestinian Authority about holding a partial municipal vote is intended to “throw dust in the eyes” and is not up to the expectations of the Palestinian people.

“We want presidential, legislative, and national council elections, and we want comprehensive elections,” said the Hamas official. 

Moamer pointed out that the Palestinian Authority has planned for this partial municipal election to serve its political agenda and “throw dust in the eyes”. 

The Palestinian Authority, for example, included 11 municipal councils serving only 90 thousand citizens, the member of Hamas politburo clarified. 

He continued: “The Palestinian people want the elections to be held in big cities and massive residential areas where municipal councils serve a big number of citizens.” 

Moamer explained that the PA’s move is an attempt to cover its crime after it unilaterally cancelled the Palestinian vote, confirming that there is a national consensus to reject the partial elections announced by the PA. 

Commenting on the situation in Jerusalem, the Hamas official said that the movement has presented a plan to impose holding the elections in Jerusalem, but the PA turned a blind eye to this proposal because it was determined to call off the polls. 

He added: “The Palestinian people can impose holding the elections in Jerusalem, as they did in the electronic gates and the Damascus gate battles against the Israeli occupation.”

We had a plan to confront the Israeli occupation and hold the elections in Jerusalem regardless of the Israeli consent, but the PA doesn’t want this to happen.

Moamer also called for forming a national front to save the national project, hoping that Hamas and Fatah would be at the forefront of resisting the Israeli occupation.